The Search

The search for a masseur may have come to an end. Say what you will but, in my opinion, a massage is not complete without an ejaculation.
He was kind, greeted me at the door with a smile and made me feel comfortable and at ease immediately. He's in his 50's - which I kind of liked.
Those hunky young guys are a bit too full of themselves for my liking. He allowed me to be naked; no draping of sheets or towels.
He stripped down to do the massage; nothing but a belt to hold the massage oil.
His touch went deep into the muscles, so I'm a tad bit sore today. Yet I feel very good. When he had me turn over, my cock was on the rise as usual.
That's just what happens to me during a massage - doesn't matter who, where, or when, my cock stands up.
He stroked my cock, slowly and gently at first. The thing he did differently? Prostate massage while he stroked my boner and ran hands and fingers over my balls.

It wasn't until I was very close to cumming that I realized his fingers were fully inserted and thrusting against my prostate. There's a first time for everything, right?

Well, I blasted a load all over the place. And how great did it feel to have him stroking away as my cum shot high in to the air and rained down on me, his hands and arms, the table, the floor...just hot, thick jizz everywhere.

He gently stroked until my cock subsided and my balls lowered.
Then he got a hot damp towel and cleaned us both up, and finished the massage. I came, I came home, and slept like a baby.
It has been brought to my attention that Faithful Reader, Stan, of the Metro Dystopia blog has died of a heart attack. Stan left frequent comments here at Big Whack Attack, contributing to the dialogue, as well as many of our buddies' blogs. I choose to believe he's out enjoying a good old fashioned circle jerk with some of the characters in my buddy's books.


We'll miss you, buddy!

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